Challenges and optimism in Kim Min-jae’s competition for the starting position

Kim Min-jae’s race for the starting position

Kim Min-jae is missing from Bayern Munich’s expected lineup for the next season. Football statistics media “Transfermarkt” presented a 4-2-3-1 formation in anticipation of Munich’s lineup for the 2024-25 season, and the defense team is expected to consist of Alfonso Davis, Hiroki Ito, Ta and Joshua Kimihiro. Kim Min-jae, Matthijs de Licht, Dayo Upamecano, and Eric Dier were all excluded from the expected lineup.

Munich is planning to make extensive reinforcements to overcome last season’s loss. The newly appointed coach Vincent Kompany has signed Hiroki Ito, an all-round defensive player who played for Stuttgart, for a buyout of 30 million euros (W44.5 billion). He is also targeting several players, including Ta from Leverkusen, João Paligna from Fulham, and Chris Furich from Stuttgart. Ta was the leader of Leverkusen’s unbeaten streak, and has lifted the Bundesliga and the German Football Association (DFB) trophies. He is currently on the roster for Germany’s national team and is currently playing for Euro 2024, with negotiations expected after the tournament ends.

Kim Min-jae was unable to participate in the A-match due to injury in the second half of last season, and made a decisive mistake in the match against Real Madrid in the Champions League, shaking his position in the team as well. German media believe that Kim Min-jae is also in danger even if De Licht and Upamecano go out. If not for sale, it is clear that the red light has been turned on in the main competition. You can see this just by missing his name from the expected lineup.

Optimistic Assessment and Future Outlook

However, there are optimistic prospects as well. German media Kicker said Kim has 93 percent of the pass success rate, following Ta (94.7 percent) and De Ligt (94 percent). Among players who played more than half of the Bundesliga’s total participation time, Kim’s tackle success rate (64.1 percent) is the ninth highest, and he intercepted the opponent’s passes 45 times. This is a record in which only eight defenders blocked more times than Kim.

By reducing the shortcomings and maximizing the strengths, Kim Min-jae will be able to gain an advantage in competition with existing and new resources and be selected as the main player by Coach Kompany. Kim Min-jae’s future can still be bright in that it was a season with hope for improvement. The crisis in the main competition is providing him with greater challenges and opportunities at the same time. I hope that Kim Min-jae will continue to demonstrate his abilities and play an important role in the team.

Kim Min-jae’s competition situation is also emerging as a big concern on Toto site. His performance and success have become an important issue not only for Munich, but also for soccer fans and related 토토사이트 users. I hope Kim Min-jae will overcome this challenge and establish a solid position within the team.

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