Clarion extends partnership with Racing Post

Racing Post B2B launched an important and extensive strategic partnership with Clarion Gaming in ICE London last week.

The partnership was confirmed at a photo opportunity on Wednesday at ICE London, attended by Kate Chambers, executive director of Clarion Gaming, and Eugene Delaney, director of Racing Post.

Discussing the partnership and its expansion into the U.S., Delaney said, “Clarion Gaming is recognized as the industry’s leading event organizer, and ICE is recognized as the most respected event brand. ICE North America has all the credentials needed to be at the center of North America’s industrial development, and we’re excited to be part of a stakeholder group that helps Racing Post deliver its vision. ICE North America is just one of the Clarion Gaming brands we’ll be part of, and we’re looking forward to expanding our Racing Post footprint to new territories around the world.”

Chambers said, “We are excited to take our relationship with Racing Post to the next level, including all the games and affiliate events that are held around the world.” Our collaboration dates back to ICE London at Earls Court and has developed over the years into a relationship that works at different levels, but most certainly through the development of Racing Post Cafe, which serves as a meeting point for the betting industry attending the world’s largest gaming show.

“Like Racing Post, the ICE brand continues to evolve to meet the needs of the industry sector it serves, and we look forward to launching ICE North America (May 13-15, Boston MA), which will benefit greatly from the contributions of Eugene and the Racing Post team in particular. ICE North America will serve as a stakeholder meeting venue and will provide an opportunity for brands to build competitive advantage in a tremendously dynamic marketplace. I am excited to join Racing Post and welcome it as a major strategic partner.”카지노사이트

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