Director Park Jin-seop said in Gudeok, “Shall we end the season here?”

“I’ll talk to the CEO and think about whether I should finish the season in Gudeok.”

Busan I-Park, led by head coach Park Jin-seop, won 1-0 at home against the Jeonnam Dragons in the 26th round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 at Gudeok Stadium in Busan on the 15th. Busan, which continued its unbeaten streak of four consecutive games (3 wins and 1 draw) and scored 44 points, jumped two notches from fourth to second, narrowing the gap with “leading” Gimcheon to four points.

“It was a tough game,” Park said. The players showed their determination to keep the victory until the end. It was the driving force behind the victory. “It would have been nice if more goals were scored in the chance, but it’s a point that needs to be supplemented,” he said

Dongjin Park ran vigorously on the ground. He started four consecutive games in a Busan uniform in the transfer market last summer, and also played as a full-time starter on the same day. The teamwork between the attackers was a little off, but one thing was achieved.

Coach Park said, “The Dongjin Park and the players had a tactically difficult first half. “It felt like it didn’t work out,” he said. “I think I’ll have to analyze it again tomorrow and make it perfect

He won 1-0 against Cheonan City FC the previous day and won by one goal. Coach Park said, “One goal difference is the hardest on the bench,” adding, “It’s mentally burdensome, but it’s because all the players who were able to win like that poured their passion until the end,” adding, “It’s a part that can be helpful while playing in the league.”

Gudeok Stadium’s multiplier was one more win, and he recorded three wins and one draw in four games played in Gudeok this season, and coach Park laughed, saying, “I will consult with the CEO and think about whether to finish the season in Gudeok.”

He also said a word about Kim Chan. Coach Park said, “It’s better than before. He has a lot of confidence. I wonder if he can grow into a better player if he continues to work harder in the future.”

On this day, “leader” Gimcheon also solidified its position by adding three points. Coach Park said, “The same goes for Gimcheon, but the difference in points with the top teams is not that big,” adding, “We have to do our best one game each until the end.”
Jeonnam Minister Lee said, “We did well as we prepared. “I finished the first half with no points,” he said, adding, “I only cared about the opponent’s speed, and I recognized that part and followed it, but the last difference was the difference between the game and the winner.” There is a regret. “As soon as we started, it was a game where I thought it would have been nice to score a goal with a good flow and perfect opportunity.”

It didn’t close the gap with the top teams. Coach Lee said, “It was a good time to reach the top or win, but I couldn’t overcome the crisis. However, the players are doing their best even in the scorching heat. I’ll fix it well.”

Valvidia, the team’s top scorer, struggled that day. Director Lee said, “You are doing well. Players know that the opposing team will be heavily checked as Bavidia occupies every part of the attacking point. We have to make various plays as a team. I will think about it,” he explained.

On the 20th, we will meet ‘Leader’ Kim Cheon. Coach Lee said, “We are leading the way, and there are many good players. He is a team that has won, but he has to prepare well. A big part of it is that the players don’t get carried away with this feeling and don’t collapse. He seems to be able to do well as a manager if he recovers quickly and prepares. He thinks that as many good players as there are poor ones. I will prepare well mentally,” he raised his voice.

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