Installing the Wigos Management System in the Win Systems Casino

Win Systems, a technology company serving the gaming and entertainment industry, announced the installation of a powerful Wigos management system at the Diamante Riu casino in the Dominican Republic run by Empressas EE and Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

The partnership with the casino demonstrates Wigos’ potential ability to streamline game operations, reward and maintain players. All of this allowed Wigos to connect more than 100,000 devices worldwide and become an important CMS in Latin America.

“We are pleased with the growth we have experienced in the Dominican Republic, and we are honored that Empressas EE can trust WIGOS to manage our operations,” said Gabriela Villalobos, sales director at Win Systems. Without a doubt, this new installation encourages us to continue our growth strategy in the region.”

Jonathan Vazquez was named Mexico’s sales manager by Win Systems in February last year. Casino suppliers worked to increase their market share. Vazquez has more than 20 years of international sales experience and has operations in Europe, Africa, North America and South America.

A country manager at Gaston Capurro, Win Systems Mexico, said: “Jonathan is pleased to lead the Win Systems commercial team in Mexico.

“This is an important position for us because Mexico is our main market, we are a leading company, and we continue to have great opportunities to consolidate our position and grow.”


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