Jung Soo-bin’s time travel to somewhere in the first year of Doosan’s golden age, the 2015 season

Doosan’s Sue-bin is a season-changing player. Since 2009, when he participated in 15 first-team games with his joining, his batting average in the first half of his career until last year was 0.257, which was extremely low compared to the batting average in the second half (0.308).

In fact, even the player himself doesn’t know the exact reason. He analyzed and prescribed this and that, but he could not change his habitual habits dramatically all at once. So, maybe the first half of the year was a time to endure for Su-bin Su.

This year, as of the 7th, Soo-bin Su has recorded a batting average of 0.276 and 91 hits in 90 games. He doesn’t have a very impressive leadoff record, but expectations are rising all around him. It’s because of the late-season momentum he’s shown through his career stats. Subin Sue has repeated the cycle almost every season, peaking in September, when she spends the summer. In September of his career, his batting average was 0.329 (238 hits in 723 at-bats), and his OPS was also good at 0.823.

This year’s pace is very similar to 2015, the first year Doosan entered the golden age. After 2015, when Doosan reached the top in the postseason with 3rd place in the regular season, Soo-bin Sue had gaps, such as serving in the National Police Agency baseball team, but his overall record showed a downward trend. Although he played in 141 games in 2020 and had a batting average of 0.298 with 146 hits. He couldn’t continue the flow into the next season.

In a way, Soo-Bin Subin did the best in 2011, when he surpassed his first 100-hit mark with 118 hits in the season, through 2014, when he recorded a batting average of 0.306, and through 2015.

So, simply looking at it, it is a welcome thing for Doosan that Su-bin Su is running like he did in 2015, eight years ago. Subin Sue had a batting average of 0.284 and 89 hits in 78 games until July 2015, and then spent August with a batting average of 0.286. In September of that year, he marched high with a monthly batting average of 0.343.

Su-bin Sue’s season-by-season report card was so different that he changed his batting form countless times to adjust for it. There have been dozens of changes in batting preparation to try in one season. For this year’s Su-bin Su, if it is a change to minimize the change in batting form during the season, it is a change. Perhaps it can be seen as the result of mental growth that perseveres and endures rather than technological growth.

The fact that Doosan’s regular season pace this season is similar to that of 2015 is an interesting point for Doosan to watch. After finishing July at the time in third place, Doosan went on a winning streak in the fall baseball season, defeating Samsung in the Korean Series and rising to the top. This season, Doosan is also fighting fiercely for third place. Currently, it is not easy to aim for the Korean Series, but it seems that the final challenge will be planned with a solid starter baseball, starting with autumn baseball at the highest possible position. This is the season with Soobin at the center.

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