Kim Ha Sung, who turned the tables, planted a new seed of legend

Meeting the coach well is good luck for the players.

After his KBO league debut, Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres in the U.S. Major League Baseball grew up meeting manager Yeom Kyung-yeop. It was a resource selected in the second and third rounds of the 2014 rookie draft, but head coach Kim Ha-sung, who has potential in both offense and defense, has been a built-in starter since the 2015 season. Kim Ha-sung played in 140 games in his first full-time season, laying the foundation for his growth as a major leaguer with a batting average of .299, 19 home runs, 73 RBIs, and 22 steals.

The Major League, where the world’s best players gather. In particular, San Diego is a team with several of the most famous and expensive players in the world. Even Kim Ha-seong, who conquered the KBO league, is nervous and needs time to adapt. Also, in terms of skill, it was never easy to hit the balls of major league pitchers with different speeds and pitches.

Kim Ha-seong was smart. He definitely captured his own character. defence. Last season, he was selected as a shortstop Golden Glove candidate and made his name known throughout the United States. But what is disappointing is the blow. He hit 11 homers last season, but his batting average was only .251. On-base percentage of 302.5 li. It was a score that could not enter the top batting order or center batting order.

It was the same this season. Until the summer, the batting order came and went. They were often placed in the lower batting order. However, San Diego coach Bob Melvin took notice of Kim Ha-sung’s characteristics. It was the inspiration of the veteran coach who won the manager award in both leagues. Ha-seong Kim had a batting ability with both power and contact ability, and a pioneering mind and desire to win by biting the opposing pitcher. His greatest strength was his quick feet and aggressive running ability. In San Diego, where power hitters are lined up, Kim Ha-seong could have been the right person for the leadoff.

It could not have been easy to entrust a player with a batting average in the upper-mid half of 20% to the first batting order. However, from the last minute of the first half, manager Melvin tried an adventure. And that choice was a hit. Kim Ha-seong has become a completely different player since entering the first position. The number of home runs exploded, and the batting average went up to 29. batting average of .28, 17 home runs, 49 RBIs, 71 runs scored, 28 stolen bases, on-base percentage, .37 slugging percentage, 4.449 runs. He turned into the league’s top leadoff. He is expected to easily achieve the record of 20 home runs -30 stolen bases for the first Asian player.

Has Kim Ha-sung really made tremendous technological progress in a short period of time? It’s not very likely. After all, it is mental. From Kim Ha-seong’s point of view, she must have been anxious all the time even when she went out for matches. If she didn’t hit, she would be driven by the feeling that she wouldn’t have a chance the next day, and the pressure of not being able to give her credibility with a bat would have forced her to shrink further at the plate. However, he is placed in the really important first batting order, and it is highly likely that he felt a great sense of security in the psychological part. It’s a really important factor in the professional world. Spinning the bat that comfortably, and when home runs and hits start coming in, he gains confidence that money can’t buy.

In the end, it should be seen as a collaboration between a coach who recognized the potential of a player and a player who lived up to that expectation. Even if the coach gave him a chance, he would not have been guaranteed the No. 1 position forever if he had not demonstrated his true worth there.

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