Macao helps the mainland change illegal money

Macau’s security forces hope to strengthen cooperation with security forces in mainland China and expand “information exchange” to address the “fundamentals” of “illegal exchange gangs” operating in Macau, Macao’s security minister, Wong Shio-Chak, said.

The comments came in a press release released by Wong’s office on Friday after a meeting (pictured) between city officials and a delegation from China’s public security ministry in Macau on Thursday.

According to the update, Mr Wong explained to Chen Xiyuan, the deputy director of China’s Ministry of Public Security, about local police efforts to fight internet and telecommunications fraud and “illegal exchange gangs” known to operate around “casinos 온라인카지노

The latter are said to be people who play unauthorized currency swaps on the gaming floor or near urban casinos. While bets at Macau casinos are usually denominated in Hong Kong dollars, many of the venue’s customers are from mainland China, which imposes controls on the amount of the Chinese currency, the yuan, that can cross borders per trip.

Mr Wong was quoted here as mentioning that these unauthorized transaction activities involving crimes, including “murder, money laundering, fraud, robbery and theft,” had been an “obvious” security issue in Macau in recent years.

The report also quoted Chen as saying that mainland authorities would “as always” support Macau police in enforcing all efforts against criminal activity.

Speaking at a press briefing earlier this month, Mr Wong said the Macau government was considering criminalising illegal currency exchange.

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