New York to make decision on betting ad rules soon

This week, the New York State Gaming Commission praised colleges and universities for concluding marketing partnerships with sportsbooks. Due to marketing to young males, the regulator previously proposed changes to the gambling ads in the state. Now, after revisiting the suggestions, the commission said an official decision is close.

Back in February, the commission greenlit the proposal of rules to regulate sports betting advertising, marketing, and promotions. Its suggestion would essentially eliminate affiliate marketers in the Empire State. Rules were revised in May, with the regulator saying that it would not resort to prohibiting third-party marketers from being compensated.

  • Ruling is Just Around the Corner

In a Monday meeting, NYSGC’s Chairman Brian O’Dwyer said he was pleased to see many colleges and universities end their partnerships with sports betting corporations. The regulator has repeatedly denounced such marketing arrangements. According to the regulator, there are no sports betting partnerships between operators and any colleges or universities in the state.

Mr. O’Dwyer mentioned that in their previous meeting, they had discussed the allowance of third-party marketing arrangements. However, he emphasized that they would closely monitor all advertisements to ensure they meet their standards. He expressed hope that in the next meeting, they would be able to finalize specific regulations regarding marketing arrangements.

iDEA Growth, a gaming industry group, unveiled its Responsible Advertising Code, which encompasses five main pillars. These pillars include compliance with state laws, restricting gambling promotions to legal-age individuals, limiting advertising in colleges and universities, promoting responsible gambling, and implementing effective monitoring systems to ensure adherence to the code’s guidelines.

However, iDEA Growth is not thoroughly against sportsbooks collaborating with colleges and universities. But its position is that there should be no advertising on college campuses or in any school-operated media. Recently, PointsBet suspended its collab with the University of Colorado and the University of Maryland in April. The only one in the US is between SuperBook and the University of Denver.

-Further Gaming Options are on the Cards

Just recently, New York State Senator Jarrett Gandolfo proposed legalizing Super Bowl Square swimming pools in bars and restaurants in New York State. He said the bars had not cut the prize money they had received jointly from running swimming pools for years. He explained that it is a way to attract customers to check their numbers or choose over a bite of a drink.

In addition, New York Senator Joe Adabo is considering adding legal online casino play and Internet lottery tickets to the mix. The senator believes the state should be built on foundations to make many additional improvements to the state’s gaming activities and addiction services. He is now potentially looking to have eyegaming and eye-rotters in the state.

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