“Neymar’s position is also unstable” → PSG seeks to recruit Dembele-Muani together

Attention is focusing on the possibility of strengthening the offensive line of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

Spanish media Cronica Global said on the 1st (Korea Standard Time) that Neymar’s position could be threatened if PSG recruits Dembele. Neymar is not guaranteed a steady performance in PSG under Luis Enrique.

“Barcelona’s Dembele is shaking the summer transfer market. The move to PSG marks a significant change in the composition of Barcelona’s squad, as well as a change in PSG. Dembele could cause problems for Neymar if he joins PSG. He predicted that Neymar’s position will become unstable if PSG strengthens the offensive line, saying that PSG’s offensive line will be saturated and another position rival will join.

Also, “Neymar is the main position on the left side and Dembele is a threat on the right side”, but “PSG also recruited Asensio and Lee Kang-in in the transfer market this summer. I am looking for recruitment,” he added.

In particular, ‘PSG is desperate to recruit a center forward who can move Mbafe to the left side. PSG’s recruitment candidate who wants to reinforce the center forward is not. It could be one of PSG’s most important signings in the transfer market this summer. ‘If Mbappe remains at PSG and PSG signs Dembele and Muani, PSG will have three French players in the attack. In this case, it will eventually push Neymar out. The only situation that can change this game is that Mbappe leaves PSG.

PSG is constantly predicting the possibility of additional strikers. French media Le 10 Sport said on the 31st of last month, ‘PSG can sign a new player within a few days. The player PSG will recruit is likely to be Dembele. PSG is ready to pay the amount of Dembele’s buyout,’ he said, ‘PSG did not recruit a big star in the attack. Although they recruited Asensio and Lee Kang-in, they are not world-class players. PSG signed Neymar in 2017 and later signed Mbappe. PSG are looking for a world-class player and they may have found a gem in Spain.”

Introducing PSG’s expected best 11 for the 2023-24 season, Transfer Markt, a European football organization, predicts that PSG will recruit Muani and Dembele. Also, as PSG’s expected three-top, Neymar, Muani, and Dembele were predicted.

PSG started the process of breaking up by excluding Mbappe from the Asian tour list for refusing to renew the contract. Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia offered PSG 300 million euros for Mbappe, and PSG agreed to the transfer. Al-Hilal offered Mbappe an annual salary of 700 million euros, but Mbappe rejected it.

The British Daily Record said on the 31st, ‘Chelsea is aiming for PSG’s Mbappe. Chelsea are planning to sign Mbappe by adding cash to the player. Chelsea’s Boeli owner and PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi are said to be in negotiations, but Mbappe is known to want to move to Real Madrid. PSG also warned that if Mbappe refuses to renew the contract and remains with the team, he will only stay on the bench for the 2023-24 season.

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