Online Philippine Casinos Now Accept A Stellar New Banking Option

In the Philippines, avid gamblers and gamblers have long been able to access legitimate online betting sites such as BetOnline and Sports Betting AG.

And now, both of these spectacular services are Stellar online casinos that accept Filipino players.

While domestic online casino games, sports betting and poker rooms are currently violating Philippine gambling laws, the aforementioned overseas sites have provided safe havens for Filipino gamblers and punters, among several top operators.

BetOnline and Sports Betting now offer a new way for gambling enthusiasts on the island to fund legitimate online gambling activities.

This new gambling deposit method, a cryptocurrency called Stella Lumens (XLM), works the same as any other supported cryptocurrency.

But while the top cryptocurrency casinos all use alternative currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH), Stella Lumens has only been supported in the past few weeks.

And while there are currently only two Philippine-friendly betting sites that embrace XLM banking options, there will undoubtedly be more sites supporting this token in the future.

Of course, if you’ve never used cryptocurrency to fund legitimate online Philippine casino gambling, sports betting, or online poker play, you may need some help finding out how to buy Stellar XLM and how to transfer it securely to your chosen book.

That information can be found on the Stella Casino page in the Philippines (link above), and once you get the hang of it, you’ll find XLM a great way to load and prepare your account.

Thanks to Stella’s unique blockchain technology, Lumen delivers faster than any other cryptocurrency, and has the advantage of boasting the lowest unique transmission fees.

It should be noted that these very small fees (typically only a few cents) are embedded in the Stellar protocol itself, which is common to all cryptocurrency coins.

Note: Legal PH online casinos do not charge any additional fees when depositing or withdrawing in cryptocurrency, which of course would be the best reason to use cryptocurrency apart from the security and reliability it provides to people interested in online gambling.

In addition to the aforementioned fast trading hours and low fees, Stellar’s two biggest advantages are:

First, the token itself, or XLM (called by cryptocurrency exchanges), is very cheap.

Stablecoin is considered a healthy investment for those interested in making money in the cryptocurrency market at around 8-9 cents (4.3 PHP).

Stellar’s all-time high during the 2018 crypto high is USD 0.90 (43.71 PHP), which is expected to meet or exceed it in the near future.

Secondly, Stellar XLM is a very good investment, which means it’s the perfect currency for online gambling.


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