“Only Kim Ha-sung at 3rd base is in a mess”…U.S. media lashed out at SD ‘Young Gun Before Debut’

“Only Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) made a little mess, and nothing else happened.”

San Diego’s local media, ‘San Diego Union-Tribune’, slammed San Diego for its poor offense against a rookie pitcher who had just debuted in the big leagues. However, Kim Ha-seong is an exception.

San Diego lost 1-6 in a match against the Seattle Mariners in the ‘2023 Major League’ held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA on the 10th (Korean time). 1 point was a score made by Kim Ha-seong squeezing it with his feet. Seattle put Emerson Hancock, a 24-year-old right-hander rookie, on the big league mound for the first time. Hancock threw 87 pitches, 2 hits, 3 walks, 3 strikeouts and 1 run in 5 innings in 5 innings, which pretty much embarrassed the San Diego lineup.

San Diego needed to break its losing streak to continue its NL wild card hopes. However, the loss on the day resulted in a 4-game losing streak, and the season record was 55-60, and it was 4.5 games away from the 3rd place Miami Marlins (60-56), the wild card margin. It is difficult to sing of hope.

The San Diego Union-Tribune said, “Major League news has been slow to reach the South, and if Hancock hasn’t heard of how bland San Diego’s batting line is this year, Hancock should be greatly intimidated by the famous names etched on the backs of San Diego’s players’ jerseys since today’s appearance.” You would have realized that there is no Only Kim Ha-seong made a mess, and nothing else happened.”

Kim Ha-seong started as the first hitter and second baseman, proving with his whole body that he has the most sense of hitting and game sense in the recent San Diego batting line. From the beginning of the first inning, Hancock’s soul was taken out. He walked as the lead batter and walked, then stole second and third bases in turn, leading to an opportunity for a first out and third base. When Juan Soto retreated with a ground ball in front of the pitcher, Ha-seong Kim rushed home quickly and scored a 1-0 lead. Even at this time, Hancock thought he was losing his mind because of Kim Ha-seong, who was stirring around the ground.

However, it was the San Diego batting line that caught my attention even more. All the hitters worth the name that Hancock should be afraid of went silent with no hits. Fernando Tatis Jr. (no hit in 4 at bats), Juan Soto (no hit in 4 at bats), and Manny Machado (no hit in 2 at bats, 2 walks) were silent one after another, so it was difficult to see a way to release the offense. Xander Bogaerts produced one hit, but it had nothing to do with scoring.

In the top of the 3rd inning, the score was 1-1. After one out, Kim Ha-seong took a heavy hit from Hancock and laid the foundation for an additional point. For Ha-seong Kim personally, it was the moment when he had a 15-game hitting streak since the game against Pittsburgh on the 25th of last month, and it was the moment when he became the first San Diego hitter to hit in 15 consecutive games since Matt Kemp in 2015.

However, the follow-up did not fire. Ha-seong Kim stole second base once again during Tatis Junior’s at-bat with 1 out and 1st base, and even reached his 27th stolen base of the season, but Tatis Jr. and Soto stepped back with a series of hits, so the chance to score was destroyed.

San Diego, which fell into a quagmire of four straight losses after being beaten by a rookie pitcher in the big leagues, held a team meeting for 20 minutes after the game. The San Diego Union-Tribune explained that it was “already the fourth squad meeting this season.”

After the meeting, Machado blamed himself, saying, “This is an unacceptable result. It is true that Hancock pitched well, but we just failed to attack. We should have produced a much better result than today (10th).” .

“It’s not easy to win with two or three hits,” Bogartz said, adding, “We have to start by increasing the number of hits.” San Diego produced only four hits on the day, and Seattle’s batters produced 10 hits.

I couldn’t help but praise Kim Ha-sung’s performance even when hopes for autumn baseball were fading. “Kim Ha-sung got a walk as the leadoff hitter in the first inning, and San Diego’s on-base machine (Kim Ha-sung) immediately succeeded in stealing two bases,” the Major League website “Some of them were the results of making a great main, but they were also the results of knowing Hancock would not catch him.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune pointed out the overall slump in the San Diego lineup, where Kim Ha-sung continued his on-base streak in 18 consecutive games, and Kim Ha-sung hit Hancock in the third inning and succeeded in stealing another base, but Tatis Jr. and Soto stepped down with a ground ball and stood at second base.

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