The Milwaukee Bucks are at a crossroads in maintaining power.

According to the New York Times, Milwaukee’s “Alphabet” Giannis Antetokounmpo (forward, 213cm, 110kg) may not sign an extension this time.

Antetokounmpo will be able to extend his contract from September, but he still has an extension contract he signed in the winter of 2020 (5 years, $228 million). With at least two years left on his contract, Antetokounmpo deserves a careful approach.

Last season’s early elimination of the playoffs, let alone a failure to win, affected his ill health, and was forced to miss early in the series in the first leg of the playoffs against the Miami Heat, and failed to reverse the situation.

In need of management, he decided not to play in the 2023 Basketball World Cup, and attention is being paid to whether he will sign this extension to play in the 2023-2024 season as well as recovery and rest, but Antetokounmpo decided to play next season and prepare for the future.

In response, Antetokounmpo said, “I think next year will be good,” adding, “I understand that both sides will be able to produce good results next year,” adding, “I think they are trying to prepare for next season rather than deciding to transfer this time.”

“Nevertheless, Antetokounmpo did not hide his affection for Milwaukee,” he said. “My heart is in the Milwaukee Bucks,” adding, “I’ve been through incredible times for 10 years,” but “I gave everything for Milwaukee.” “I’m the Milwaukee Bucks, and I’m green-blooded in the Milwaukee Bucks,” he repeatedly said, expressing his feelings for the team he has played for.

After finishing his 10th year at the end of last season, he is believed to be considering the future rather than approaching an extension right away, and if he does not, he may ask for a post-season trade, or the next step may become somewhat unclear.

Last season, Antetokounmpo spent his biggest season since entering the NBA, and this is the first time he has scored an average of more than 30 points in a season with 31.1 points per game (.553.275.645), 11.8 rebounds, and 5.7 assists in 63 regular season games. It achieved a season average of “25-10” for six consecutive years, and continued to “25-10-5” for five consecutive seasons.

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