Toronto coach Ohtani, who skipped twice, said, “It was good to hear the third baseman.”

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Schneider, who twice sent out Shohei Ohtani on intentional pitch, spoke about his choice. Schneider said in an interview after winning the home game against the Los Angeles Angels 6-1 at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 30th (Korean time), “I followed the instructions of Chappie (Matt Chapman’s nickname),” and said, “I followed Ohtani’s match that day. said about

On this day, Toronto sent Ohtani to the plate on purpose in the situation of 1 out 2 base in the 5th inning and 2 out 1st and 3 base in the 6th inning. As a result, in these two situations, it was blocked with 1 run and the game was able to win.

Schneider, who had to listen to third baseman Chapman’s protest the previous day for choosing to play head-to-head with Ohtani, laughed, saying, “I listened to our third baseman, and it worked.”
“Sometimes you just don’t want to let it go,” he said. He thought a little calmly. Ohtani is a player who can change the flow of the game in an instant with a single swing,” said Ohtani.

Toronto starting pitcher Alec Manoa, who sent Ohtani with an intentional ball in the 5th inning, smiled and said, “The intentional ball was not done by me. It’s not what the coach did,” he said.

He continued, “Obviously Ohtani is the best player right now. I have a competitive spirit and wanted to compete with him, but it is the coach’s job to decide, and we have to follow it.”

The reason why the operation to filter Ohtani was successful was that Toronto blocked the opponent’s batting line every time it was difficult. The bullpen, including Henesis Cabrera, who blocked the inning with a scoreless run in the 5th inning with one out and bases loaded, played a big role.

Coach Schneider said, “Cabrera is a player who has the ability to strike out at any time. It’s helped that he simplified what he should throw when facing left-handed hitters. I think it was also a change of mood in the new team,” he highly praised the performance of transfer student Cabrera.

He continued, “It is a very big thing to get out of a crisis situation without conceding. It plays a role in bringing momentum.”

Meanwhile, Toronto catcher Alejandro Kirk recorded his first multi-homer of the season that day, signaling that he is getting out of the slump.

Schneider said, “I am showing better and better at the plate. The ability to control the strike zone is better. You are dealing damage to a ball that should be doing damage. I have to admit that he worked hard, but at the same time, he welcomed Kirk’s resurrection, saying, “This is what he has shown before.”

Kirk said, “I’m trying to aim for a ball that I can attack with my swing without chasing a manned ball.”

He said, “I feel that pitchers are throwing differently than before, but that is baseball. Baseball is a game of coordination,” he said, announcing that he was making changes in line with the opposing pitchers’ changed response methods. BY. 안전놀이터

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