Bundang Management, Onyang Girls’ High School Chasing, Triple Crown Award

In the finals between the two teams that divided the girls’ high school trophy this year, Bundang Business High School beat Onyang Girls’ High School to win the third trophy.
Bundang Business High School won 81-75 in the final game against Onyang Girls’ High School in the ‘2023 Korea Middle and High School Basketball Weekend League Wangjungwangjeon’ held at the Culture and Sports Center in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do on the 11th.

Bundang Business High School succeeded in winning the championship again after winning the competition in March and April, and succeeded in winning three crowns this year. On the other hand, Onyang Girls’ High School took revenge this time by losing to Bundang Business High School in the finals of the association’s long term last April, but swallowed regret again.

Bundang coach Huh Yoo-jung led the team’s attack with 35 points and 5 assists with 5 3-point shots. Byun Ha-jung recorded a double-double with 29 points and 17 rebounds. In Onyang, Yang In-ye and Choi Yu-ji jointly scored 50 points, but it was regrettable that they could not narrow the score in the second quarter.

The first quarter was fierce. Onyang Choi Yu-ji’s three-point shot opened the finals. Bundang’s management took a 5-3 lead with Byun Ha-jung’s floor shot and Park Da-won’s 3-point shot. Since then, Bundang management, which took the lead with Jung Chae-won’s breakthrough, was chased by Onyang. It was the Bundang management who escaped again with Heo Yoo-jung’s three-point shot, but the score gap narrowed with back-to-back goals by Onyang Yang In-ye and Ryu Ga-hyung. One-point shots followed, and the first quarter ended with a 20-20 tie with Onyang Kim So-yul’s free throw.

In the second quarter, Bundang Management’s outer cannon exploded. At the center was Heo Yoo-jung. Heo Yoo-jung announced the second quarter with a three-point shot. Not only did it stop here, but Heo Yoo-jung scored a three-point shot from both corners, giving the team a double-digit lead of 43-29. Onyang also chased Yang In-ye’s four-point shot and Ryu Ga-hyung’s three-point shot, but it was not easy to narrow the score. The first half ended with Bundang Management leading 47-36.

In the third quarter, Bundang’s management beat Onyang’s chase. With the double-digit score gap maintained, Onyang chased with a takeover battle in the middle of the quarter. Yang In-ye’s consecutive goals and additional free throws narrowed the lead of management per minute to a single digit. However, Heo Yoo-jung and Byun Ha-jung broke through to create a double-digit lead again. Bundang management, which overcame Onyang’s chase, prepared for the final quarter with a score of 71-59.

10 minutes left. The leading Bundang management used their time to the fullest, and Onyang used their time quickly. Thanks to Yang In-ye and Kim So-yul’s goals, Onyang followed by seven points. But I couldn’t narrow it any further. Bundang’s management also needed a goal, and Byun Ha-jung caught an aggressive rebound and finished with a goal under the net. For the rest of the time, Bundang’s management finished the game with their hands off.

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