Manchester United freshman reveals why…”High expectations from everyone”

Andre Onana explained why he yelled at Harry Maguire (30, Manchester United or higher) during the game.

Manchester United lost 2-3 to Dortmund in a pre-season friendly match held at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, USA on the 31st of last month (Korean time). United took the lead with Diogo Dalot’s goal in the 24th minute of the first half, but in the 43rd and 44th minutes, Donial Malone conceded consecutive goals. In the 7th minute of the second half, Anthony’s equalizer made it 2-2, but in the 26th minute of the second half, Yusupa Mukoko allowed the winning goal and knelt down.

The new goalkeeper Oh Nana was substituted at the start of the second half. And he yelled at the defense two minutes into the game. The target was the captain and central defender Maguire last season.

At that time, Christian Eriksen tried to receive Maguire’s pass and was taken away, so Dortmund counterattacked and scored two threatening shots. If it wasn’t for Oh Nana’s save, it would have been a pointless situation.

Maguire expressed regret for Brandon Williams, who was defending with him. However, as soon as the ball went out, Onana ran to Maguire and shouted loudly and was angry. Although Oh Na-na joined the team less than a month ago, she pointed out Maguire’s unfortunate pass selection and defensive position.

Oh Nana’s behavior became a hot topic after the game. Several United fans praised Onana for saying what he had to say, even though he was a freshman. However, former England national team member Gabriel Agbonlaher said, “Maguire did nothing wrong. Eriksen missed the ball. Onana’s behavior doesn’t look good. Did he do the same to Lisandro Martinez or Marcus Rashford?” I did too.

First, Onana explained the reason for her shouting, saying that she expects high standards from her teammates. At the same time, Maguire ended the controversy by praising him as a great player.

On the 1st, the Manchester United homepage said, “After the loss against Dortmund, Ohnana said that he expects the same level from his teammates. I looked back,” he said in Oh Na-Na’s interview.

In an interview with ‘MUTV’, Oh Na-na said, “I demand a lot from my teammates. They also ask a lot from me and trust me.” , I hope my colleagues will also give me confidence.”

He continued: “My teammates are great players and will demand a lot from them in the future. It is a great honor to play with these defenders. Martinez, Maguire. They are doing great work. They are important players in the team. Part of this team. I’m really happy to be here and playing with them is great.”

Oh Nana praised Maguire when her name came up. “I know Maguire is a good player and one of the captains of the team. I try to talk to him a lot. He is a good and wonderful person. I have a good relationship with him.”

He also explained why he was angry. “Both me and Maguire have to be ready. I told him because when I’m in goal I demand a lot from everyone,” Onana said.

Finally, Onana said, “There is no need to be afraid of mistakes because mistakes are part of life and we learn from them. We have to be very critical of ourselves and demand a lot to win trophies. With these players I am happy to play. Maguire is the best person and a great player. We will move forward.”

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