The brothers who washed away the pain of the older brothers came from behind to win the President’s Gold Cup U17 Youth Cup

A fierce match like the finals unfolded. In the game, which was not enough in regular time and went to overtime, the goddess of victory smiled at Bupyeong High School in Incheon.

The younger brothers of Bupyeong High School, the ‘King of the Gold Cup’, won the Youth Cup with a remarkable victory, relieving the pain of the older brothers who were eliminated in the semifinals of the Gold Cup. In the 2023 Presidential Geumbae High School U17 Youth Cup final held at Jecheon Sports Complex on the 1st, Bupyeong High School beat Seoul Middle School High School 3-2 and rose to the top. It was a thrilling comeback that overturned the game that had been drawn 0-2.

The Youth Cup, which has been held under the name of a lower grade competition in Geumbae, has been officially recognized as a separate competition by the Korea Football Association since this year, so the competition to win the championship has become more intense.

Bupyeong High School, which holds the record for the most wins by winning six times in the Geumbae alone, ended its journey by losing to Boin High School in Seoul in the semifinals in a penalty shoot-out. However, in the Youth Cup, they defeated Boingo in the quarterfinals, and in the semifinals, they beat Sejong City U18 after a penalty shoot-out to advance to the final.

On this day, Jungdaebugo, which was the final opponent, was a formidable team. He scored 15 goals in 5 games until the semifinals and showed off his solid power by not conceding a single goal, and was considered a strong candidate for the championship. Bupyeong High School played in the same group as Jungdaebu High School in the group stage, but lost 0-1 at that time. This final also overlapped with the meaning of revenge for losing in the group stage.

Bupyeong High School got off to an uneasy start, conceding two goals in 11 minutes. In the 6th minute of the first half, they gave up the opening goal to sophomore striker Bok Joon-ha, and 5 minutes later, they gave up an additional goal to Lee Hun-jae, the key goal scorer of the junior high school, and were drawn 0-2.

Despite an onslaught at the end of the first half, Bupyeong High School, which failed to open the goal for the midfielder, began to counterattack from the second half after reorganizing the front line. In the 11th minute of the second half, Bupyeong High School started chasing with a goal by freshman striker Yoon Jae-hee, and just a minute later, defender Kim Min-seong scored a fantastic goal to turn the game around. A cross from a right corner kick was taken by Kim Min-sung with a right-footed non-stop volley, and the ball was put into the corner of the goal.

The game went into overtime without any further scoring and was decided by Bupyeong High’s sharp counterattack in the 6th minute of the first half. The pass from the midfield was directly linked with a shot, but Choi Ki-young, a freshman striker who was rushing into the goal after hitting the post, calmly pushed it. Bupyeong High School defended the championship by blocking the onslaught of the junior high school that followed until the end.

Seo Ki-bok, head coach of Bupyeong High School, said, “My older brothers unfortunately lost in the quarterfinals this time around, but today’s juniors seem to have repaid the pain with a championship.” I think it is very meaningful to know what to lead.” Kang Min-jae, a sophomore midfielder who was selected as the tournament’s MVP, said, “His older brothers lost in the quarterfinals, so I thought I had to win the championship unconditionally. He told me to do my best before the game, and thanks to that, I was able to win the championship.”

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