Playtime Casino Hanover Resumes Work This Week

Recently, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment suffered a cyber-attack breach, which caused it to close down Ontario properties for over two weeks now. However, on Monday, the operator started its phased reopening approach and has already restarted work at several locations. Playtime Casino Hanover is expected to be next, as it should recommence work this week.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment is a leading operator of gaming amenities in Canada, as it oversees a total of 29 locations in Ontario and British Columbia and another two in Alberta. Its operations currently provide work for over 7,000 individuals, while also offering premium gambling services via 369 table games, 30 poker tables and 14,284 slots across its gaming floors.

  • Hanover is Next

Since Monday, May 1, 2023, the operator has already restarted work at some of its casinos across Ontario, after the fierce ransomware attack on its IT systems. Playtime Casino Wasaga Beach and Gateway Casinos Innisfil, and Gateway Casinos London are now open, and Playtime Casino Hanover is expected to renew gaming operations sometime this week.

After the reopening of the Wasaga Beach and London site, a spokesperson for the company, Rob Mitchell, said that the two casinos are up and running and are operating normally. He said added that the Hanover location will commence operations this week. However, he did not provide an exact date for its restart. Patrons are advised to keep an eye on the company’s websites for updates.

Furthermore, the operator’s representative elaborated that the ransomware attack on the corporation’s IT systems could have led to a leak of personal information. However, he assured that the company is working on the issue along with third-party experts around the clock to determine whether personal information has been affected by the cyber-attack.

He did not specify what kind of personal information could have been affected by the attack. He also shared that the company has hired third-party cyber experts to help it restore its systems and has already notified privacy officials, police, and government regulators about the incident. However, he was not willing to discuss what the cyber-criminal were after.

Gateway Casinos and Entertainment first announced that it has suffered a cyber-attack on April 16, 2023, which led to the closure of all its 14 gaming locations in the province. It caused a system-wide failure making it unable to conduct its regular gaming operations. But regarding its Hanover site reopening, it said it depended on restoration progress and approval by regulators.

  • Tech Expert Believe Info Has Already Been Linked

Some tech experts such as Carmi Levy have already weighed in on the topic of the province-wide casino closure. Mr. Levy noted one of the biggest concerns when it comes to a ransomware attack is that it could lead to personal data being compromised. In his expert opinion, this is a very likely result in the case of Ontario and Gateway.

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